NSSA Standout of the Week: Taylor Curran

Taylor Curran

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NAME: Taylor Curran
AGE: 16
HOME: Oxnard, Ca
SCHOOL: El Camino High School
SPONSORS: RVCA, Rockstar, Famous, Xcel, Macbeth, Olas, Resist, Revolution

Will the Curran family ever stop? Timmy, Josh, Nathaniel - and now, Taylor. The youngest of the Curran brood won the Open Men's division of the Northwest Open Season at Ventura Harbor last weekend in rippable chest-high surf. You wouldn't have known it was Taylor's first NSSA victory, as he dominated the final with the highest combined heat total of the contest (16.0). Taylor's whole family witnessed the win - mom, dad, grandma, and brothers - a fact that made the win all the more special for the high school junior.

"To get my first NSSA win in my hometown and in front of my family was a cool experience," Taylor says. "There is nothing better for me than doing well in front of my brothers because I look up to them so much."

Taylor Curran