Kelly Slater on hand for Obama Speech

Senator Barack Obama visited Conserv Fuel filling station in Brentwood, California Tuesday as he continues efforts on speeches covering energy policies to lower the impact of the US. Conserv Fuel is only the second filling station in California to offer B99 biodiesel and E85 ethanol, two of the leading forms of alternate fuels for automobiles.

None other than the eight-time world champion, Kelly Slater was in attendance to support both personal friend and Conserv Fuel founder, Kristopher Moller and Senator Obama. "He (Senator Obama) definitely had some interesting things to say," said Slater, who didn't get to meet the presidential candidate. Clearly, Slater is concerned with much more than capturing world titles.

Conserv Fuel is a company dedicated to offering new and cleaner types of fuel to help promote sustainability, efficiency and profitability in a filling station. The newly founded (2007) company's mission is to "provide more responsible retail fueling options for consumers and fleets alike."

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