SURFING MAGAZINE: You made a big announcement yesterday.

MARK OCCHILUPO: Yeah, I did. I was kind of wondering whether to let the world know at the end of the year or the start. Billabong was pretty keen on making it at the start, and I thought, um, why not? You know, gee whiz. So, I'm absolutely full on for this year, but it'll definitely be my last.

SURFING MAGAZINE: There was some initial confusion, people thinking you were actually retiring this year.

MARK OCCHILUPO: Nope, nope. It's not the case. I just want to do it right. And it's kind of cool giving everyone notice because then I can say bye to everyone — especially in those countries where I likely won't be returning. That's what I'm doing.

SURFING MAGAZINE: We’re looking forward to seeing you go out with a bang.

MARK OCCHILUPO: Thanks, mate. I'm really psyched. I’ve been training real hard and excited and ready for one last go at it. I'm pumped for a big year. Pumped to go out on a high. That's the aim of the game.