It’s Official! Surfing Is in the Olympics

Jeremy just can’t catch a break! The bridesmaid once again.

The final votes have been cast, and we're in!

To the pleasure of many and the chagrin of some, surfing will be included in the 2020 Olympics, all thanks to the decades-long work of ISA chairman Fernando Aguerre.

In just four short years, Tokyo will host the world's best surfers in probably humdrum conditions. I say that because Japan typically gets good waves during peak typhoon season, which runs between late August and October. Because the Games will take place between July 24th and August 9th, the window isn’t ideal for achieving peak conditions. But guys rip apart the US Open, and how much worse could the surf in Japan be than one foot HB pier? At this point we’re in, and that’s what matters. 2020 is only the beginning of much bigger things.

Outside of the waves, there are a few unanswered questions:
– What is the competition format?
– Which countries will be involved?
– How will teams be chosen?
– Will the WSL allow their surfers to compete?
– Will Kelly be the oldest Olympian of all time (current record is 72)?

What we know:
-There will be 20 men and 20 women in the games
-The event will take place in the ocean, at least in 2020
-Surfing will join skateboarding, sport climbing, baseball, softball and karate as new additions

This year, we’ve seen multiple Top 10 golfers remove themselves from the Olympic roster, because the event is not of significant importance to them. In this same way, it will be interesting to see which surfers decide to take three weeks out of their calendars/world title campaigns and head to Tokyo in search of the first Olympic gold in surfing. We hope that the big names like John John, Gabby, Filipe, and up-and-coming teenagers like Griffin Colapinto and Ethan Ewing are psyched to compete in this historic event.

Side note: In 2020 Kelly Slater will be 48 years old, but something tells us Kelly won't be able to turn down the opportunity to win Olympic gold. That competitive bastard!

Congrats to the ISA on decades of work to make this a reality. Bring on 2020!