Officially A Thing: Surf Trips To North Korea

More like Kim Jong Air, amirite?

Do you have a thirst for adventure and an inescapable desire for mediocre surf in a previously forbidden land? Then how about a trip to North Korea! Yep, you read that right. Italian surfer Nicola Zanella, who also leads the charge as head coach for the (renowned) China National surf team, is pioneering the very first public surf adventure through the uncharted coastline of North Korea.

The tour not only seeks to find a few new a-frames, but also to inform and educate the locals on surf culture, which is extremely foreign to them - begging the question: Will we be seeing a North Korean contingency battling Eli Hanneman for the World Title in 2025? Probably not, but who knows!

Interested in the details? Click here for he full itinerary of the week-long shredathon.