On The Road With Corey Wilson: Tahiti

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All Photos: Corey Wilson // Surfer: Luke Hynd

Teahupo'o first timers Corey Wilson and Luke Hynd team up to tackle the end of the road. Corey discusses first impressions and a tube-face collage of Luke...

COREY: The best part about Teahupo'o is there aren't any fancy hotels or resorts on the beach, so pretty much the only option is to bunk up with one of the local families. It's amazing. They cook you the best meals, tell awesome stories and look after you like you're family.

Luke was such a great kid to travel with, super mellow and easy going. And he surfs so well. He's got a sick style and does crazy airs, almost like a mix between Craig Anderson and Owen Wright. Sometimes he gets too comfortable in the tube, though, and makes a ridiculously funny face and does weird shit with his hands. A few months ago I started a collage with all his tube faces and it's coming along great! [laughs]

This was Luke’s first session at Teahupo'o. He was pretty nervous in the morning when we all hopped on the boat, as we all were, because it was supposed to be pretty big and had a lot of west in the swell -- that’s when those crazy sneaky sets come and close out the chanell. Owen and Tyler Wright were also on the trip and Owen was showing everyone the ropes, pushing Tyler into waves and letting Luke know where to sit and which ones to take off on. After watching from the shoulder for a little bit, he paddled into a couple amazing waves. Once he got a couple he started to feel more comfortable and really fell in love with the wave. We surfed from sunup to sundown this day. We were exhausted, but came home to fresh fish and cold beers.