On The Road With Modern Collective

For those of you who don't know, Modern Collective is a film project by Kai Neville -- the guy who became Taylor Steele's protg and helped bring you Stranger than Fiction -- and six of the word's most innovative shredders in the universe on a thorough globetrot of the world's wave riddled regions. The illustrious list of six includes Dane Reynolds, Jordy Smith, Dion Agius, Dusty Payne, Mitch Coleborn and Yadin Nicol (Dang, we already want to see this thing) and for the past six months they’ve been all over the shop creating a movie that could very well be the one that changes it all.

They've had a very eventful (and dusty) past two weeks after off roading into the {{{Baja}}} abyss. During a stint in Baja, Mitch Coleborn apparently bagged the first flip for the film while Yadin Nicol had a very different experience when his back went out and sent him home after spending only one very painful hour in the Mexican sun. And Dane...wait has anyone seen Dane? Oh, yeah...check Emma Wood. As for the rest of the collective boys though, they've been traversing borders like Spanish explorers chasing swells and now find themselves in somewhere in the North Atlantic for the film -- which Mitch told us the other day, "Isn't going to be like anything we've ever seen before." And if their Blog is any indication of what's to be expected, then it's going to set the bar somewhere outside the Earth's stratosphere.

As you read this the boys are still somewhere on the continent of Africa scoring some of the best right hand point waves we've seen come through these doors at SURFING in a long time on a last minute clusterf--k strike mission that was put together after a wild night in downtown San Diego during the tradeshow. One moment the boys were sipping vodka cranberries at the {{{Insight}}} party and the very next morning they're packin' coffins and headed to the North Atlantic to chase swell on a mission that was supposed to include Jordy Smith. Unfortunately for Jordy though (and us) his visa isn't working and can't even return to the continent he's from at the moment. But as you can see, the three that made it are having a field day in the roping Atlantic as we speak. Stay tuned for more and keep an eye out on the pages of SURFING for more from Modern Collective and their travels.

[Be sure to keep up with the chronicles of the Collective on their Blog www.moderncollective.tv as well as www.SURFINGMAGAZINE.Com as we track them across the globe while making the film]