Are you ready to rumble? Ready to watch your favorite surfers take on rows and rows of mountainous whitewater? Ready to see last-minute qualifying heroics and eleventh-hour chokes? And, of course, screaming, stand-up tubes across the infamous Inside Bowl?

Because that's what you get when you watch the best surfers in the world compete at Sunset Beach. Long regarded as the world's most demanding righthander, Sunset Beach is notorious for making or breaking a surfers' career. So notorious, in fact, that not even its closest allies, guys like O'Neill teamrider Nathan Carroll, can completely trust the spot. "No matter what, you're always dealing with a different playing field out there," he says.

And it's true. No spot is more responsible for ups, downs, ins, outs, shockers and triumphs as Sunset Beach, the second jewel of the {{{Vans}}} Triple Crown. With its wedgey but unpredictable north peak, its thick, bowling west peak and its shelfing inside, Sunset – just in the 21st century – helped {{{CJ}}} Hobgood win the world title against all odds and Andy Irons stage one of the greatest comebacks in modern pro surfing history.

It also is the final hurdle for the year's weary qualifiers at the O'Neill World Cup and the penultimate World Championship Tour event for the women at the Roxy Pro. For the men, the six-star World Qualifying Series event is last chance to work miracles and bust through the glass ceiling and into the Dream Tour. Last year, O'Neill teamrider Jarrad Howse pulled the impossible when he advanced through a quarterfinal heat stacked with Sunny Garcia, Pancho Sullivan and Andy Irons in order to make the Tour. Who's feeling lucky in 2006?

In the Roxy Pro, we see the return of the women after a few-year hiatus from ASP competition at Sunset. Last year, O'Neill held a specialty women's event at the break just to remind us what the top female surfers are capable of. And it didn't disappoint. Rochelle Ballard pulled into two screaming inside caverns, breaking two boards in the span of five minutes and still going back for more.

Which is something we'll all be doing as this year's competition heats up. No matter the day, the heat or the conditions, Sunset will always keep you coming back for more.