OP Honor Roll Dec. ’04


THIS MONTH'S ACE: ROY POWERSGRADES: Current No. 15 WQS rating after the 6-Star Rip Curl Pro in Hossegor

REMARKS: The life of an aspiring WCT surfer can be tough, but not that tough. When we caught up with Hawaiian WQS pro, Roy Powers, he'd only just returned from a successful tour assault through South Africa, California and Europe--tired, but with 12K in traveler's checks also stuffed between wax and dirty T-shirts in his backpack. Even better, with eight grand of it earned by ripping within one place of comp winner, Andy Irons, at Durban's 6-star rated Mr. Price Pro, the Roy-boy is now one solid result away from the Big Leagues. With that in mind, here's the first 10 things he'll do if he pulls it off.

1 – It's all still a dream, but if I do finally make it, the first thing I'm going to do is take a huge sigh of relief.
2 – Then I'll give my girlfriend the biggest kiss for sticking by my side all along the way.
3 – And then I'll tell whichever friend is closest at the time, to grab me an f—king beer.
4 – Before a BIG night in Honolulu, followed by a HUGE party back on Kauai.
5 – Once that's settled, it's to the dealership for a new sports car.
6 – Make that one for Dad, too.
7 – Then something I've always dreamed of; the whole family's going to Tavarua.
8 – All my plane tickets upgrade to business class. I've got to suit my lifestyle.
9 – Start saving to buy a house on the beach in Hanalei.
10 – But not 'til I start winning 'CTs. Believe me, when I win my first, it'll be a celebration you won't want to miss...