Operation Surf Is Saving Lives

It’s been a wild couple of days.

Along with a large portion of America (and the world, for that matter), I awoke on Wednesday feeling a mix of anxiety and disbelief toward our country’s latest choice for President-elect. And then I went on Facebook, where friends were becoming enemies based solely on conflicting political beliefs. And that made me sad.

And I know -- this is SURFING, not Fox News or CNN -- so I won’t spend any more time on the subject. Besides, the surf in Southern California has been firing since Wednesday morning and the weather could not be any more beautiful. My friends are scoring the waves of their lives everywhere from Maverick’s to Baja, and I’ve even managed a few before work at an empty San Diego sandbar. The timing of this swell couldn’t be better for morale.

This morning, over coffee, I was talking to my roommate -- SURFING’s video editor, Sean Benik -- about how much fun the surf has been, and about how great one wave can truly make you feel, when this feature honoring Veterans Day, called “The Power Of Sports”, came on ESPN. It’s a 10-minute look at how Operation Surf is helping the men and women of America's armed forces deal with PTSD, and saving lives in the process. It examines surfing at its most basic level, and is a great reminder of how special it truly is and the impact it can have on peoples lives.

Give this is a watch -- it’s worth 10 minutes. And then get off Facebook and jump in the ocean. It might save you an angry online tirade, and a few friends in the process.