Op Honor Roll – Cory Arrambide

This Month’s Top Student:
Cory Arrambide, 12, Ventura, Calif. This Month’s Grades:
Set the record for the most wins in an NSSA season (21).

The Seattle Mariners, golfer Byron Nelson and now … Cory Arrambide. Setting the record for the most wins in a season may be as rare as Haley’s Comet sightings (it took the Mariners 95 years to tie the record set by the Chicago Cubs in 1906), but amateur rising star Arrambide works fast. Just four years after San Clemente’s Michael Taras accomplished the seemingly untouchable feat of 20 wins in an NSSA season, the methodical goofyfoot from Ventura one-upped him with a contest to spare. During the final of the Huntington Beach Open Season in early May, Arrambide paddled down the beach and surfed his own peak. "[The other finalists] were hassling me pretty hard," said the 2002 Open Boys champ. "They weren’t making it easy, that’s for sure." Arrambide’s solid solo performance was more than enough for the victory, which capped a golden year that included 21 wins, 12 consecutive victories, two conference titles and the Sportsman of the Year award (apparently, Arrambide is quite the gentleman when he schools his fellow competitors). Even more impressive, the 12-year-old terror, who lives on the hill overlooking Rincon, had no designs to rule the world at such a tender age. "I had no idea there even was a record until I was about six or seven contests into it," said Arrambide. "I was just taking it heat by heat." And that, as most record-breakers will tell you, is always the best strategy for greatness.