Op Honor Roll – Bruce Irons


RECENT RESULTS: Third place, Billabong Tahara Pro (6-Star WQS), Tahara, Japan

REMARKS: We all knew Irons the Younger could gather a few results at the World Qualifying Series’ more desirable locations, places like Pipeline, Margaret River and the Maldives. But when he capped off decent runs in homely Huntington and flat France with an 1825-point third place finish in knee-high Japanese dribble, the message was clear: Bruce Irons is on a new competitive kick. “I was milking every tenth of a point I could get,” said Bruce of his Japanese attack. “Big head jerks, tossing pizzas…I was doing it all.” Irons also said his equipment had something to do with this newfound passion for slop. “A killer epoxy from Mayhem,” he confirmed. “Super light, super buoyant and super fast.” Whatever the secret, Bruce doesn’t even want to think about it until he’s squaring up against his brother Andy in the first ’04 WCT event. “I never thought I’d be able to get a result in pretty much the worst contest of the year,” he said. “It shocked my brother. And hopefully, those surprises will keep coming.”