Op Honor Roll – Nathan Carroll

Nathan Carroll finally got it right. After three years of butting his head against equal 33rd in the Xcel Pro – held in front of his house for Pete’s sake! – the rising North Shore contender finally cracked the finals. “I was so stoked to finally break through on that one,” {{{recalls}}} Carroll. “I practiced out there every day for two weeks before the contest so that, when the time came, my big boards all felt like shortboards.” Nathan is lucky enough to have a close relationship with his shaper, his father, Tim Carroll, who started his boy surfing Sunset at age seven and has been tuning his quiver ever since.

Despite ideal 6- to 8-foot, offshore conditions for the final heat, the young Carroll found only closeouts for his uncommonly powerful form, and even turned a last-minute deal-breaking wave over to his North Shore compatriot Fred Patacchia for 2nd place. “I’d rather see my friend do well than be a jerk in the water,” says Carroll of the missed opportunity. With wildcard slots for Triple Crown events Haleiwa and Sunset, the 18-year-old contest charger already has his sights set on bigger goals; specifically, devoting his full attention to next year’s ‘QS circuit. “That’s really what I enjoy doing the most,” he says. “Just traveling and hitting all the events. Maybe try to score a few photo trips.” Judging by his Sunset-certified hacksaw gouges and fluid aerials, making his mark on the tour should only be a matter of time.