Op Honor Roll – Shane Valiere

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Shane Valiere RECENT GRADES:
2003 USSF United States Open Shortboard Champion REMARKS:
"My dad is originally from North {{{Dakota}}} and my mom, Pennsylvania." It’s not exactly what you would expect to hear from a newly crowned U.S. Champion. But 17-year-old Shane Valiere can quickly clarify his surfing heritage: "My parents moved to Kauai after high school, and I’ve lived there almost my whole life." With his Midwest roots planted firmly in the past, Shane grew up no stranger to the ocean. And now, he is no stranger to Number One.
This year’s USSF U.S. Championships in Oceanside brought together America’s brightest hopefuls, but between Hizson Lin-Kee
winning Menehune, Kyle Raney busting Boys, Gia Fantany leading Girls – and even Dave Riddle topping Legends – the Hawaiians stole the spotlight. And of those islanders, Valiere emerged the biggest star by powering through five rounds of heats to take the most prestigious division: Open Shortboard. "The competition was hard and, some days, the conditions were even harder," Valiere says of his run to the top. "But I knew I had a chance." He didn’t just have a chance, he had the edge. Shane’s been competing since he was 10 and has sampled a long list of class-A surf spots, including Pipeline. "I’ve been [to Oahu] countless times," he explains. "And my last trip to Samoa was just epic." Shane’s travels have pitted him in some pretty incredible surf and that, along with his performance at the Championships, proves he can excel in any situation. But what’s really pushing Shane to be the best? "My brother charges Pipe, and I want to be better than him." Parents that pushed him into the Island life? A brother that pushes his limits in waves of consequence? And now a U.S. Championship title to push his competitive career. This kid’s full of momentum – and he’s just getting started.