We'd hoped we were wrong. After sounding the alarm over impending restrictions around the Mirlo Beach area just south of S-turns it seemed the homeowners had only half-heartedly responded to their gripes about surfers' behavior: posting "no parking" signs on the east side of Highway 12 and around the feeder roads, but leaving west side open. That's the way it stayed for a month, lulling locals into thinking that maybe all the fearful pre-hype was mere paranoia. Not anymore. On Monday, Surf Carolina Magazine founder and photog Robbie Johnson, came up to shoot and caught the town posting the second batch of signs from Rodanthe's northern border all the way to Mac's (aka the {{{Liberty}}} station.) And yes, they're being enforced. As Robbie says, "Warning tickets were being written immediately after the postings, and actual citations have probably begun by now. The fine for parking there is an UNBELIEVABLE $125.00 !"

Whether or not surfers continued use to the Mirlo Beach homes and grilltops for rest stops – or whether the week-long Bertha parking madhouse was the final straw — we don't know. What we do know is this brings more problems moving forward as parking inside the Pea Island refuge remains the last option, meaning less space and longer walks. It also makes the debate over replacing Bonner Bridge an even bigger concern for surfers: after all, if officials choose to bypass Pea Island and you can't park on roadsides, surfers my literally find themselves squeezed out of Rodanthe altogether. The solution? Get involved now. First: get on the front-side of the Bonner Bridge issue before they can make a final decision. Second, any Rodanthe surfers with any pull need to attend meetings to see ways to change the law back. It's becoming clear between the ORV legislation, Rodanthe parking and the Bonner Bridge issue, the Cape Hatteras area is becoming a hot-spot of access issues, and surfers are losing the battle. You can hope we're wrong again – or you can do something about it by getting involved. Now.

For more ways to get involved, all Outer Banks surfers are invited to attend the next Surfrider Meeting on August 15.