Padang Awakes From Her Slumber

A day late, a few feet short, and a difficult tide made the contest directors decide not to run the main event. It’s a hard call to make. Sure, the photos here make it look like it was pretty damn good, but hey — all these shots are from a two-hour session in the morning and a two-hour session in the afternoon. The rest of the day there were just a few boogie boarders out.

Also, there was talk of another super swell next week. “The 8th is gonna be huge,” I heard one person say, while looking at his phone in the morning. So the call was made. Contest off. All the boys then grabbed their boards and some sets started rolling in. That made contest organizers call a trials heat and expression session for the afternoon, once the tide dropped out. They all caught some waves. I’m not sure of the scores and whatnot, no one really cares who won the trials. We just want to know when the main event will be on. That swell on the 8th? Not sure if it’s gonna do it. And right now I don’t think anyone can predict anything. The last swell was a hoax. Will this next one be? Stay tuned to for more details on the next call.

Words and photos by Nate Lawrence

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