Padang Cup Is On… Now!

Damo Hobgood, the day they didn’t run, 2015. Photo: Hammonds

It's official!

Padang Padang is Pumping Pumping and the boys are about to put on a show for all to see. The world's most user-friendly six footer will be firing all day long, and sometime soon we will have a champion.

When we originally posted about this event, we allowed you to vote for who you think was going to win. The results speak for themselves:

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 3.16.18 PM

Clay Marzo, surfing's Rain Man, is the overwhelming favorite. We can't fault your decision, as Marzo makes a mess of reefy lefthanders all across the globe. He spends half his year chasing swells in northwest OZ, and spends the other half owning that one wave in Maui.

But still, Indonesia has a handful of locals who ride this wave every time it breaks. The structure of the reef is deeply ingrained in their minds, and likely their bodies too. Padang at low tide is a couple dozen stitches just waiting to happen.

It all starts now, so log into here for the live webcast. We promise it'll be better than Huntington.