Parko Approved


Kustom Airstrike returns with new friends

Contest judges cop a lot of heat for being disconnected from progressive surfing.

“They can’t do airs,” the surfers moan. “How are they supposed to score a double-grab versus a stalefish?”

One solution is to teach the current judges to do airs, but that’s a terrible solution. A better idea is to let the right people be judges — people who have been there and done that. People who know.

Kustom Footwear understands this. If they’re gonna throw around $50,000 for a single aerial maneuver caught on film — and oh yes, they are — they want to make damn sure the bills are going to the right bank account. So they’ve put together a judging panel for the 2010 Kustom Airstrike that reflects a deep, steamy intimacy with modern surfing. Topping the bill is Joel Parkinson — simple. Joining Parko will be Gen Text’s official documentarian, Kai Neville, who after filming and editing Modern Collective has seen every air variation ever attempted. SURFING’s own Travis Ferre rounds out the panel. No doubt some immodest huck will take the cash this year, better even than this year’s entries from Dusty Payne (who won the 50 gees in ’09), Jay Davies, Ry Craike and Mitch Coleborn. Check this clip from Kustom for a recap of 2009’s Airstrike, and stay tuned for more updates starting the first of the new year.