Peahi Challenge At Jaws Gets Green Light – Peahi Challenge Will Run, Titans Of Mavericks Will Not

Peahi Challenge Will Run, Titans Of Mavericks Will Not

Peahi (Jaws), photo: David ClancyJaws. Photo: David Clancy

Good news!

There will be more than football and bootlegged copies of Point Break to bridge the entertainment gap between Sunset and Pipe, as the WSL just gave the green light on the Peahi Challenge for this Sunday, December 6. Seems the North Pacific has polished its dress shoes, tossed back a couple of mai tais and is ready to start dancing at the El Niño Ball.

"We'll probably see 25 foot sets in the morning and have it drop throughout the day," competitor Greg Long told SURFING. "The winds look gnarly, but still surfable."

If all goes as planned, this could be the best big-wave contest ever, simply because Jaws is the best big wave around and we've yet to see a the world's best tackle those long, hollow walls in a jersey. Still, others aren't convinced about Sunday's promise.

"It looks good now, but I'm skeptical because they tend to overhype swells when everyone's in Hawaii," a cynical inside source told us. "I think they're just running it because they have all the gear on Maui for the women's event and it'll save them thousands to run it now."

Fuck it — we'll be watching either way.

Meanwhile, the peak of the swell will hit Northern California on Monday with surf in the 20-foot range. As for the Titans Of Mavericks contest, we've confirmed with organizers that the event will not run. "Won't be big enough," they said.

Ya hear that, North Pacific? Don't let them talk to you like that. Get out on that dance floor and show them what you're made of. —Big-Wave Competition Correspondent Taylor Paul