{{{Monterey}}} big-wave pioneer and local legend Peter Davi drowned today in huge surf at {{{Ghost}}} Trees. According to the Associated Press, Ruben Garcia of the Monterey County coroner's office said he was pronounced dead at 1:30 p.m.While details are still sketchy, SURFING photographer Nate Lawrence said Davi and Anthony Tashnick attempted to paddle-surf Ghost Trees, normally a wave reserved for tow surfing. There were about 20 tow teams in the water at the time, and no one noticed Davi in trouble. Santa Cruz surfer Anthony Ruffo then found him floating face down on the inside, but revival attempts proved futile. "There was a lot of confusion out there," said Lawrence. "A chopper was flying overhead, there were skis everywhere, but somehow we missed him. No one knew what was happening until it was too late."Davi is an accomplished big-wave surfer who spent many years in Hawaii. He was one of the early Maverick's pioneers and recently had been putting his time into the fickle, rock-riddled big waves around the Monterey Peninsula. Along with his son, Jake, Davi was recently featured in a SURFING Magazine "California Kingpin" article. Stay tuned for more details on this tragedy as it unfolds.

Peter Davi (Right) and his son Jake as featured in SURFING Magazine’s “California Kingpin” article