Photo Editor’s Corner

I hate Canon. So much in fact that from time to time I write their help desk and just spat “f–k you, f–k you, I hope you guys rot in hell.” And I'm generally a happy guy.

This company is f–ked, and for anyone who owns a MarkIII series 1 or 2 you feel my pain. You understand that this camera does not auto-focus. This camera body alone has cost me and our magazine thousands of dollars this year. The “error 99’s” when the temperature gets below 50 degrees are great to deal with, too!

How many times have they recalled this shitty camera body? I know of four {{{recalls}}} for the same problem which is the mirror misalignment. And it gets worse. They give you a link to where you need to send your shitty cameras back to. The funny thing is, the link they give you is broken! That’s right. The link that give you to get help for your broken camera is broken.

Canon, you are the worst. Your over-priced, piece-of-shit cameras are a joke. I hope someone someday makes you truly accountable for all the priceless images you've ruined.

Peter Taras