Photos: Duncan’s Film

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Film is officially dead. No it’s not. Yes it is. Kodak's done. Wait, now it's out of bankruptcy. You're a no-good hipster if you shoot polaroids. You're a tech-nerd if you’re strictly digital. One has got to be better than the other and you can’t just shoot both.

We can banter on forever about film versus digital. But in reality, people like to talk about how good, bad, hip or slow film is more than they care to actually shoot it. I don't worry about how much better of a dynamic range film can capture, nor do I care how many more frames my digital body can get me. I was born into the digital age we are immersed in right now, but I'll still play around with film — simply because it's fun.

Everything gets stale if you do it too much. Oh what? John John just stuck another 10-foot alley oop? Pfft. Well, maybe not everything, but most things. To me, shooting film is for the sake of variety. I might not shoot my best photos on film, but it's a good time and it gets me thinking differently. And sometimes, that can lead to great things. —Duncan Macfarlane