Monster Energy Pipeline Pro Presented By Billabong Day 1

The North Shore shows its' true form for 2005

Surf: 4-6 ft. with occasional 8 ft. bombs. Building WNW well.
Events Held: All of Round 1 and Heats 1-7 of Round 2.
Nature's Call: Sack up boys! Pipe is on the rise!
Predicted: The first noteworthy ''Country'' sessions of 2005.

After a sloppy, choppy January, plagued by gusting West winds and rain, the 2004-05 North Shore season was preparing for a lackluster ending. Yet, when the 3 am buoy reading came in as 11 ft. 17 seconds on Thursday, Feb, 17. Monster Energy Pipeline Pro director, Reid Inouye, knew that the North Shore's most famous break would be doing its' thing for the $75,000 four star WQS event. Six wave sets were the norm, which left competitors with plenty waves, as long as they could figure out the shifting lineup. The combination of an old Northwest swell and a West North West swell, kept competitors constantly paddling up and down the sharp, shallow reef. Thus, like any Pipe contest, experience was a factor. Perhaps the most local knowledge of Round 1 was crammed into Heat 11, which featured Pipeline Posse sheriff and Wolf Pack captain, Kala Alexander, with protgs Stephan Koehne and Danny Fuller. Not too mention, Country Hell Man, Dave Wassel, who racked up an impressive 8 wave count, eventually dominating and winning the 20 minute heat. That pretty much left, Clint Kimmins to battle it out with Kauai boys, Fuller, Koehne and Alexander for second and third advancing spots. Luckily, the lone Aussie Kimmins snuck through the ranks with a couple of dry Pipe shacks. While Deputy Fuller advanced in second place for the Posse, thus leaving Kala and Stephan with guard duty at the Volcom house for the rest of the contest.

Round 1 also saw the only perfect score of the day, courtesy of local boy, Ka'upena Miranda. Which made him a favorite conversation topic with the beach MC's, too bad they said his name wrong every time. Miranda surfed a stacked talented Hawaiian Heat 3 in Round 2, and was eliminated by Mark Healy, Macy Mullen and Fred Pattachia. Freddy P.'s recent ascension to the 'CT had him flying through the heat. Literally. After pulling into a classic 8 ft. stand up Pipe barrel, Fred boosted the only air of the day, further claiming the wave to the crowd.

Yet, by the time Freddy P. got to the beach, the audience on the beach was already locked into the action of Heat 4. Where Braden Dias, Kahea Hart and Carlos Cabrero exchanged the lead back and forth, flawless barrel after flawless barrel. Watch all three of these surfers in Round 3, one of them is sure to make the finals.

Other advancing rippers to watch for in the next round are Maui's Ola Elogram and Dusty Payne, Oahu's Jason Frederico and Indo's Dede Suriyana. Those young guns will be joined by veterans, Dave Wassel, {{{Rocky}}} Cannon, Strider Wasilewski, Rainos Hayes, Jun Jo and 1993 World Champ Derek Ho.

Check out the gnarly, live action from the Monster Energy Pipeline Pro Presented By Billabong on www.billabongpro.comor A hui hou aku no.