Playground Planet

Natazha, Pipeline. Our playground. Photo: Jimmicane

Growing up, the playground was the place to be. Remember that feeling of anticipation for recess to start?, (Unless you were the type of kid that liked to stay inside and practice your long division, in which case, all good, carry the two buddy.) Dodgeball. Jungle gyms. Red rover. But, we're not really talking to you anyways. But then, we grow up. The playgrounds get too small, recess time gets cut out, and we become burdened by these crazy things called responsibility. Some of us adapt though, we get creative and find new playgrounds where we can forget about life and just be a kid again. The ocean. The mountains. The skate park. Etnies understands this concept well, those who still take time for recess and has created "The Planet is Your Playground" contest to find the world's best playgrounds. From around the world. Check out for more information. Basically you just submit a photo with a short description of your playground and you win cool stuff. The grand prize is an all-expense–paid trip for two to Hawaii with all the recess time you can handle. Who's up for dodge ball?

And since SURFING loves Hawaii, we entered in hopes of winning our way back to the shores of Pipeline, where we shot lovely Natazha here for our annual Swimsuit Issue. Check it out:

Playground (n): a place that is always fun and challenging and where you can forget about life for a short time while you engage in a favorite activity.