Ponto Beach Scheduled For Development

Popular surf break Ponto is next in line for over-the-top development

The threats of natural devastation never seem to die. And yet again, the surfing community finds itself on the front lines.

The Ponto Beachfront {{{Vision}}} Plan rapidly approaches approval by the Carlsbad City Council. What does this include? 750 hotel rooms, 3 parking garages, 10 restaurants, and a number of condominiums and apartments. The grand-scale construction — slated to occur on the undeveloped wilderness on the east side of HWY 1 — could not only affect Ponto Beach's well-known roping lefts, but will most certainly alter the Batiquitos Lagoon Ecological Reserve and the Least Tern nesting area, a near-endangered North American bird.

While the environmental threat is imminent, the project seems to be proceeding without following critical procedures to examine the possible negative effects of their actions. As of now, there's been no calls for an Environmental Impact Report, no studies on the affects of traffic in the area, no sound mitigation plans, and no consideration for the current conditions of the area.

Like much of the California coast we've seen harbors, marinas, hotels, and even entire cities overrun existing wetland habitats in order to exact material and financial gain. In order to help insure Ponto doesn't suffer the same fate, please visit www.pontoaction.com/action.aspx. There you can sign an electronic petition to ask the City of Carlsbad to perform an Environmental Impact Report for the Ponto Beachfront Vision Plan, and send e-mails to Representatives, Senators and Council members in order to voice your concern.