Chlorine Dream

BREAKING NEWS:SurfParks LLC gets funding for Orlando wave pool

Friday the 13th may be traditionally a day of bad luck. But for Jamie Meiselman and his company, SurfParks, LLC, it will always be a day of celebration as five years of labor came to fruition with full funding for their planned Ron Jon surf park in Orlando.

“It’s hard to believe we’re finally making the dream it happen,” says an elated Meiselman.

And what a dream it is. As continually covered by SURFINGTHEMAG.COM, Meiselman’s been on a mission to produce the ultimate wave pool, teaming up with artificial reef expert Kerry Black and other experts. If all goes as planed, the end result will be surfing’s first super park, with a remote-controlled floor to change wave types, capable of producing 6- 8-foot spitters. Now with funding in place, they can finally get to work to making the dream, breaking ground this summer and powering toward a spring opening day. But with top water park contractors already signed up, Meiselman’s looking forward to the long months ahead,

“You have no idea how hard the fundraising procces can be,” said Meiselman. “This next phase of watching it come to life is going to be the fun part.”

Maybe so, but not as fun as riding it. Stay tuned as Surfing continues to follow construction over the coming months.

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