Puke and Rally: John Florence Wins Da Hui Backdoor Shootout


All Photos: Ryan Foley

"Puke and rally" is a phrase usually associated with binge drinking frat boys, but it can now be applied to Pipe-rushing wonder boys. After waking with a fever and flu on the first day of Da Hui Backdoor Shootout, 18-year-old John Florence vomited (some of) his guts out. But he saved some so he could go out and school his elders in some of the heaviest Pipe of the year, and earned himself $40,000 (enough to buy him and his family a week’s worth of groceries at Foodland) and some rights to brag. On the podium to shower the lad with champagne (er, cider?) were third and fourth place finishers Makuakai Rothman and Mark Healey. We're pretty sure 40 gees and a bath of bubbly is better than penicillin, and that John will be quick to mend.

2011 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout Results

1) John John Florence (Vans) $40,000
2) Kalani Champman (Vans) $20,000
3) Makuakai Rothman (RVCA) $15,000
4) Mark Healey (Quiksilver) $10,000
5) Fred Patacchia, Jr. (Quiksilver) $5,000

Team Results
1) Vans
2) Quiksilver
4) Hurley