Puntabout with Modern Collective Part 1


Puntabout: Searching out Australia's sexiest ramps with all six members of Modern Collective
By Travis Ferré
All Photos by DJ Struntz

"That's the best wave I've ever seen in my life," said Dane Reynolds putting his soaking wet black and purple Quiksilver wetsuit right-side out. It was a 3-foot, onshore wedge somewhere along the Australian coast where we've gathered six of the most innovative surfers in the world to finish filming for Kai Neville's upcoming aerial epic: Modern Collective. In the parking lot with him are Jordy Smith, Yadin Nicol, Mitch Coleborn, Dusty Payne and Dion Agius. "I think I'd rather have a wave like this over just about anything in the world," Dane continues before trotting off to rip the surf version of a drained out pool.

The wave ricochets off the jetty and slingshots you towards mammoth ramps that detonate into a crushing sandbar. It's the type of sections that will give you the chance to pull the biggest air of your life, or turn your ankles to dust. "It's so dangerous doing this many airs," says Jordy. "But I can't help it when these ramps are coming at you. They're perfect."

In our first two days everyone has already logged some sort of groundbreaking maneuver. Dion has been over rotating backside and sticking it. Yadin's Kerrupt flip on day-one is still holding "clip of the trip" honors...but its only been two days. Jordy has "grounded and pounded" every single thing that's come his way on his 6'31/2" JS sticks that Dion could use as an SUP. The power and agility that Jordy possesses is frightening. Terribly frightening. Mitch's sore knee has been no match for his animalistic approach. Dusty Payne crushed his favorite CI yesterday but not before stomping speed-burning redirects that had everyone clinking the edge of their beers. And beers it is. If Dane's buying it's stubbies of VB in a box of ice. "I like to drink," he said driving home one night after pulling off at a bottle shop for road beers. "But I also like to surf. That's better than some people who only like to drink, I guess."


Mitch Coleborn getting de-greased at the KROZM studios in Australia while filming the opening scenes for Modern Collective

And while we've finally managed to evenly balance our surfing and drinking, the first few days weighted the scales heavily under the influence as the boys were landlocked filming in the studio's of KROZM who are doing some of the creative directing for the film. They're the magicians behind hundreds of groundbreaking music videos from bands like The Presets. After long days in the confines of "somewhere in Melbourne" the crew rejoiced in a few off duty beverages that careened late into the night and often ended on dance floors or tables at "Maccas."

But now, with a place on the water at some of Australia's most renowned beachies, the drinking has given way to punting and the coming days are sure to change the way you look at lips. Prepare for the imagery to come in the December issue of SURFING Magazine and check back daily as we'll update daily all week.