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It's hot here. Sticky hot, scorching hot, 88 degrees in the shade hot. Eddie Murphy imitating James Brown hot. "Hot tub, gonna make me sweat, gonna make me wet! Well, well well."

Round 2 on a day like today was all about survival. Kelly did his part taking out nervous and overmatched local Dale Richards (Kelly wore a "Go Dale" hat after the heat which was cool). Andy, however, was unlucky enough to come up against a fired up Jake Paterson and posted a dreaded dirty turd (33rd). In this mag Andy said that his problem last year was heats where the surf was small and tricky (D-Bah, J-Bay, Trestles, Bakio) and today was no exception. Conditions had cleaned up, but under a stifling high tide, the three foot sets were hard to find and harder to read.

Jake demolished him. He got underscored on one of his waves and still combo-ed Andy who even paddled in before the heat was over. Retirement seems to be suiting the old Snake. "I'm glad I retired, mate," he said. I was 8-8 against Andy before this one – so I'm one up now and it'll stay that way."

For what it's worth, Andy hasn't looked right since the ASP Awards having gone down with a nasty case of the flu. He's sure to be back next month with a vengeance at Bells, but will already find himself in a hole.

After the morning's drama the rest of the day was pretty cruisy. The tide dropped out, the waves got more ruler-edged and the wind stayed light for a change. Taj Burrow looked sharp as did {{{CJ}}} Hobgood, Bruce Irons, Adriano DeSouza and Travis Logie.

And guess who's back? The ginga ninja (ginger is Aussie slang for redheads), Mick Campbell. After getting knocked off tour a few years ago and taking up boxing (who could forget his late {{{90}}}'s bout with Andy in France?), Mick showed he's in it to win it in a hard fought victory today over Fred Patacchia.

Unfortunately Mick then bailed right as Mr. "I love those redheads" Matthew McConaughey showed with Kate Hudson to hang out with Kelly in the surfer's area. Matt and Kate are busy filming a movie nearby called "Fool's Gold" and seemed stoked to check out the scene.

Do either of them surf? "I'm learning," said Matt. "I'm on an 8-6 now and that's treating me pretty kind. I've been out at Angourie and Mermaid Beach lately. My best wave I was up for ten seconds and I got that stoke now."

With swell on the way and conditions looking to hold up (the cyclone forecasted to smash us now fortunately looks like it's staying offshore) over the next few days, he's not the only one who's stoked.