Quiksilver Ceremonial Chile Contest Window Closes

Contest organizers closed the doors on the 2 1/2 month extended holding period for The Quiksilver Ceremonial Chile presented by MINI today. An active season produced several large swells, but failed to meet the high standardsnecessary to produce the notoriously massive surf and perfect tubes behind Punta de Lobos' famous "morros," that the Quiksilver Ceremonial Chile mandates.

“Even with a two-week extension to the 2012 Quiksilver Ceremonial Chile's waiting period, the normally consistent Punta de Lobos surf break did not produce waves of sufficient size to run this year's event," said Gary Linden, Big Wave World Tour Director and Contest Director. "As everyone associated with big wave surfing knows, patience is key and thus we must wait until 2013 for this iconic Chilean point break to open its doors and turn the contest light to green!”

Past winners of the Quiksilver Ceremonial Chile include Marcos Monteiro (2011), Christian Merello (2010) and Grant "Twiggy" Baker (2009).

This year's legendary big wave surfer invitees included: Jamie Sterling, Kohl Christensen, Carlos Burle, Marcos Monteiro, Peter Mel, Cristian Merello, Greg Long, Gabriel Villarán, Mark Healey, Jaimie Mitchell, Danilo Couto, Rusty Long, Grant "Twiggy" Baker, Ramón Navarro, Diego Medina, Fernando Zegers, Joao De Macedo, Felipe Cesarano, Nathan Fletcher, Ken Collins, Frank Soloman, Ian Walsh, Ben Wilkinson, and León Vicuna.

For a special glimpse into the Quiksilver Ceremonial Chile, please visit www.Quiksilver.com/Chile. The 2012 Quiksilver Ceremonial Chile is made possible by MINI.