Quiksilver 2005 King Of The Groms – Ala Moana

Quiksilver King Of The Groms crowned the first KOG Regional winner at 2-3 ft perfect Ala Moana.

Albee Layer 13 years old from Maui forced a “surf-off” with 10 year old Koa Smith from Kauai after he matched Koa’s 3 heat wins.Albee claimed his first wave in the “sudden death” heat, a 7.5 pt barrel to backside reverse for the win. He also netted a cool ${{{300}}} for the days efforts as well as an all expense paid trip to France to compete in the King Of The Groms International Championship Aug 1-7th in Capbreton, France.

Ala Moana Winner Albee Layer
10 year old Koa Smith