R.I.P. Sion Miloski

Sad news spread across the surf world last night as we learned that Sion Miloski had passed away while surfing low-tide Mavericks. The 35-year-old drown after a two-wave hold down.

All of us at SURFING Magazine are deeply saddened by the news and our condolences go all of his friends and family. Just this year Sion won our collaboration with Vans to honor the North Shore Underground, awarding him $25,000 in travel funds. He's also credited throughout the surf world with paddling into what many believe is the biggest wave ever paddled into. Sion was an incredible surfer, friend and family man and he will be greatly missed.

Check back to surfingmagazine.com for a photographic memorial of Sion's incredible life.

Photo: Lawrence

Volcom has started a fund to raise financial aid for Sion's wife and two daughters, to donate click here.

Vans has offered up Sion's winnings from the North Shore Underground to his family. Vans released this statement today: The entire Vans family is deeply saddened by the tragic passing of Sion Milosky yesterday. Sion had recently become an active member of the Vans surf team with a terrific season on the North Shore this winter, but, more importantly, he leaves a loving wife and two young daughters.

In December, Sion won $25,000 through the Vans and Surfing Magazine North Shore Underground program with the intention of financing future surf trips. Vans will contribute the entire amount to a fund to be established to assist the Milosky family.