Raen Announces New Ambassador: Ford Archbold

Ford Archbold

February 26, 2013 - RAEN is proud to welcome Ford Archbold to the family.

A well-rounded individual, Ford's talents are undeniable. A fixture in magazine editorials, Archbold can be found in Surfer, What Youth, Transworld and Surfing. He is also seen playing bass guitar in Tomorrow's Tulips, and dodging traffic at 54th Street in Newport Beach, Ca.

The newest RAEN ambassador was born into surfing. His father, Matt Archbold, is a legendary surfer both in and out of the water. These days Ford has taken the family business and made surfing his own.

"I love the freedom that surfing has given me. With this freedom, surfing has taken me across the planet where I’ve experienced rich cultures and some amazing waves with some serious bros," says Ford.

"I’ve been close with the RAEN family for years, so it was a natural thing to join such a creative company with like-minded people. I’m really psyched to work with my friends associated with the brand."

RAEN Creative Director, Justin Heit, says, "Ford fits naturally into the brand's DNA and existing family. We are beyond excited to have him on the team and include his influence into our eyewear."

RAEN is working on a number of projects with Archbold including a surf film by Jack Coleman, which will also feature other RAEN Ambassadors Alex Knost and Ellis Ericson. The film is set for release Summer 2013.

About RAEN

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