International Surf Day, Presented by Billabong, Boost Mobile, Kustom, and Von Zipper hits Salt Creek and San Onofre beach

Randy Bruce has been the marketing coordinator of SURFING Magazine for only a year but lately, around the office, he's been bustling in preparation for the first International Surfing Day as though he's been doing it for years. Having returned from an errand, still huffing from the box of International Surfing Day shirts he has just placed on his office ground, this is what Randy had to say about the upcoming event on June 21st:

SURFING: What have you been doing for the event so far?

Randy Bruce: So much. I’ve been contacting all the Surfrider chapters around the country. There's chapters in Jersey, Outer banks, Virginia, Florida, and even Texas. And then you have all of the West Coast too. There’s a lot of things we have to coordinate with PR, you know? Like getting trash bags, posters, and T-shirts out to most of the chapters. There’s a lot of, just, preparation.

SURFING: Tell me a bit of what you have planned for the day?

RANDY: Around three o'clock down at Creek, we're going to be down there with Boost Mobile. We'll all be surfing and a hosting a beach clean-up. We'll be giving free lessons to the Boost people and for whoever else volunteers for the beach clean-up. They'll be free lessons from SURFING's own Nathan Myers (Managing Editor for SURFING Magazine).At noon Billabong, Surfrider, Kustom Shoes, and Von Zipper will be down at San O'holding a barbeque/beach clean up/surf session.

SURFING: Cervezas?

RANDY: Most definitely.

SURFING: So why'd you choose Salt Creek and San O' as the places to organize for the Orange County Chapters.

RANDY: At Creek, Flame (SURFING Mag's guru photographer) is always taking photographs there. That’s basically where his bread and butter came from, and that’s what he’s known for, and so we basically felt like it would be an organic place to do it from. There’s never been anything like this before either, and those beaches are both great places to hold it at. I know that there’s a Go Skateboarding Day on the same day, which is cool cause then you can skateboard to the beach and go surf and clean up.

SURFING: What type of publicity are you expecting?

RANDY: Well, most of the WCT guys are going to be on the waiting period for Reunion, but whatever celebrities there are around locally we’re going to try and get them involved with their local Surfrider chapter. I know that the Billabong people are going to try to get some of their people out, and get them on TV to help spread the word. We also have some radio coverage too, on Air-Talk radio, and we’re going to try and get on the 5,6, 7 and 8 o’clock news in the morning. Pretty much we want to make it a mainstream thing to try and get awareness out.

SURFING: Awareness?

RANDY: We’re trying to raise awareness of the state of our beaches in general and the ocean, as well. We hope to get some water quality testing done and compare the results from year to year.

SURFING: Sounds like a positive attitude. How's the surf looking for the day of the event?

RANDY: I think the East coast is getting a bigger swell than we are, but we’ll make the best of it. We’ll grab some longboards and paddle around and get wet. It’s going to be a good time and way to give back to the beaches. It's a fun way for the community to get involved and it’s not much of a hassle. Just good times, you know?