Did You Recently Have A Board Stolen From You?

hamburglarProbably the guy who did it. Photo: Morton

Yesterday, while flicking through my phone pretending to look preoccupied with something of great importance, I noticed an Insta post announcing that a batch of 60 surfboards believed to be stolen from the Southern California area were turned into a secondhand dealer on the East Coast. There are some plain old shitty people out there, right? But the good thing about shitty people is that they’re usually not all that smart. The dealer, BoardGrab, caught suspicion very quickly and were kind enough to photograph and display all of the hot merch on their site.

So here we are, with sixty surfboards looking to be returned to their rightful owners. If you see one that you believe is yours, or have any info on any of the boards, follow the given instructions and email stolenboards@yahoo.com.