Panama is set to play host to the world's best surfers competing in the 2013 Reef ISA World Surfing Games (WSG) at the perfect reef break of Santa Catalina May 4th – May 12th. Reef is honored to be a part of this year's event, where over 150 talented men and women representing 25 countries from all corners of the globe will compete for the WSG title. The live webcast of the event will commence on May 5th streamed through and at

The ISA World Surfing Games began in 1964 under the name ISF World Championships, and were run by the International Surfing Federation, the first surfing international organization in history. In 1976, the ISF became the ISA, which is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as the governing authority for Surfing, StandUp Paddle and Racing and all other wave riding activities.

This is the first year that Reef is partnering with the ISA, a perfect fit considering the brand's Latin roots and close connection with Reef Panamanian distributor Modas y Deportes, a key sponsor of the games. In addition, ISA President Fernando Aguerre is the original co-founder of Reef adding an even deeper affiliation to the WSG.

Reef's global ambassadors Magnum Martinez and Ben Bourgeoius will be hosting the webcast while a crew of Latin American team riders will represent Reef against the best in the world, including Leandro Usuna, (Argentina), Manuel Selman (Chile), Luis Maria Iturria (Uruguay), Gary Saavedra (Panama), Sebastian Santos (Ecuador), Angelo Lozano (Mexico) and JC Schaffer (Venezuela.)


May 4: Opening Ceremony, Parade of Nations, Sands of the World Ceremony and Official Press Conference.

May 5 – May 12: ISA World Surfing Games Waiting Period

Follow all of the action live on the official event website


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