Reunion in Reunion: Part 3


The swell is still pumping here but there's still no signs of Jordy's boards. It's amazing how an airline can screw that up so bad. His flight was empty and really there's no excuse except for that the airline workers are complete nimrods.

Jordy's been having to ride the terrible looking fish that can barely handle this size of waves. Poor guy, he's getting pretty frustrated.

I think the whole island knows we're here now and people are beginning to warm up to us. So far we've only had one incident in the water with a French dickhead. The douchebag was probably the biggest guy in the water so he picked on the smallest guy, Craig. After some verbal French abuse, Craig played it cool and stood his ground even when his new friend was giving the universal bird right in his face.

After that we were about to write off all the people here, but it's quite the contrary. Everyone is super cool and offered to take us out, fix dings, shape boards and give the scoop on other spots. Jordy and Craig last night volunteered to hand out trophys and autographs at a grom contest. They ended staying a long time and even gave a speech. The kids were frothing like rabid dogs.