Reunion in Reunion: Part 4

After some web surfing, the crew ventured down south and found a perfect offshore right wedge. The only problem was it’s not offshore. It’s onshore and perfect. Fuck offshore winds. What is it good for? Barrels? No way. Who wants to pull into a closeout for the camera? Not these guys.

If the normal worm had looked at the same wave, he’d told us it was an onshore piece of shit. It’s funny how these power-frothing pros look for the howling sideshore/onshore wind to punt in. I’ve actually become accustomed to it as well. I love it. Not only do I not need to worry about waking up early, but I can enjoy myself have a beer and wait for the shredding to happen. And it always does.During my last entry I wrote that Jordy is only my favorite surfer because he’s such a legend to hang out with. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. He pulled the biggest alley oop to date today and shit on Mitch and Craig. It wasn’t fair that he had this perfect ramp on his forehand, while the others had to surf on their backhand.

Reunion in Reunion: Part 4

I saw the most innovative and progressive session ever a few months ago with Jordy at North Point and now I think I’ve seen the second heaviest session ever. Jordy did the biggest alley oop today and stuck it with ease. It was easily 6 feet out and completely rotated. Since then he’s been trying to do 540 alley-oops. Shit is gnarly.

Editor’s Note: Check the August issue of SURFING for evidence of Jordy’s domination at the North Point session. It’s our Sequence of the Month.

Reunion in Reunion: Part 4




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