Reunion in Reunion: Part 5

SURFING: Tell us, frankly, about the board you were riding these past few days.

Jordy Smith:
Well, pretty much the day I arrived in Reunion my boards didn’t show, and the swell was here. I had no options other than to ride Craig Anderson's fun board that his shaper made for him to replicate Slater's board. The board was a 5’4″ and I pretty much was swimming into waves with it.

So frankly, it wasn’t actually a Slater shape, as we misreported. Dobby must be punished. How did you like Craig’s board?

It was way too small for me and on my backhand and the nose could never make it above the lipline.

The blogosphere is frankly having a seizure over your rodeo flip in Indonesia. Which board were you riding when you made that flight?

I was riding a 6’3″ JS. Definitely one of my best boards. I learned that during my first session when I pulled the flip.

Are you still riding it in Reunion?

Yep. It’s hard to keep a good board on ice, because they just go so damn good.

Have you pulled anything else wicked on it? Be frank in your response.

I pulled a couple of alley oops on it that I was stoked on. They should be in the new Modern Collective movie that we're filming for now in Reunion.

How long does a normal board last?

Well, it depends if you put it on ice. A good board should last about 6-8 months if I treat it well. Otherwise boards go daily.

What's the best board you've ever ridden?

Definitely the first one my dad ever made for me. Probably just because it was my first board and I was stoked. But for high performance boards, it’s JS all the way.

Anything new you're trying on your magic sleds?

Yeah, a few new things. I've been trying 540 alley oops. They seem hard to land though because you're rotated the opposite way from which the wave is breaking.

Frankly, you’re a ridiculous man.