Up and Coming

Timmy Reyes is finally ripe. After splashing for four years through the spin-cycle of the WQS , two back-to-back first place finishes in New Jersey’s two star UnSound Pro and Atlantic City’s three star Heritage Pro have boosted Timmy’s ‘QS ratings just enough to seat him in the last qualifying position for the big times — the WCT. So what makes Timmy’s situation so special? The drama, of course. With Roy Powers, Timmy’s close friend, ranked one position behind Timmy in 16th, the two must contend along with a handful of other close competitors for a coveted place on the World Championship Tour.

4:00 p.m.—North Carolina. Timmy is still wet from a free surf session at Kitty Hawk Pier.

SURFING MAGAZINE: So how was it?

TIMMY REYES: Pretty bad. It was pretty small. There wasn’t much to ride, but I didn’t surf much yesterday so I needed to do something today.

SM: Trying to get some practice in before your next contest?

TR: Yeah, I think my next one’s on Saturday.

SM: Non stop, huh?

TR: Yeah pretty much. I’ve just been traveling around doing a bunch of these contests and I don’t want to stop and get out of shape or something.

SM: What, so no partying after your last two victories?

TR: I’m not much of a super partier or anything like that anyways… but we did have a little fun. Pretty much, I’m waiting for this year to come to an end and to make the cut. Then I’ll be the most belligerent person you’ll see.

SM: It’s all about the ‘CT then?

TR: Yeah, I just want one more contest and I will be so happy after Hawaii. The whole O’Neill house will be going crazy.