Rip Curl Grom Fight 2012: Huntington Beach

GROM FIGHTS is our series of man-on-man video bouts featuring the country’s top featherweights.
After each Rip Curl Gromsearch contest, we’ll post a GROM FIGHT between the event’s standout surfers.
Your votes determine who gets KO’d and who moves on to scrap in GROM FIGHTS Round 2.

Kalani David vs. Jake Marshall vs. Pat Curren vs. Colin Moran vs. Griffin Colapinto vs. John Mel

Kalani David vs. Jake Marshall vs. Pat Curren vs. Colin Moran vs. Griffin Colapinto vs. John Mel

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grom fight

Over the weekend, the first regional event of the Rip Curl Grom Search took place at 9th street in Huntington Beach. It was plain to see by the record-breaking turnout (168 competitors) that the groms had their eyes on Uppers for the RCGS Nationals in Novenber. With air and water temp in the 70's, the chest high combo swell was tepidly torn apart by the frothing youngin's. Those who found shoulders on the outside sets were rewarded with room to lay down rail and/or a chance to build speed for a big finish in the reform.

John Mel took the Boys 12 & under division, tearing down a left wall considerably bigger than the crumbly sets offered on Sunday. Kanoa Igarashi took the Boys 14 & under division, defending his past years title. The Huntington local also laid down the event's most progressive maneuver, a hefty air-reverse, and in the process, posted the highest heat total of the event. Taylor Clark took the Boys 16 & under division with his well-piloted aerial game and ability to consistently back up his early scores. In the division's heated final, Taylor and Kanoa were neck and neck until Kanoa was called for an interference, halving his second highest score. Continuing her victorious shredding-spree, Kulia Doherty picked off the only composed set waves of the Girls 16 & under division final. Her calm and collected approach served her well in the most inconsistent heat of the contest, earning her first place and the champ title.

—Michael Kilcullen

Boys 12/Under
1st – John Mel
2nd – Tyler Gunter
3rd – Sean Woods
4th – Nick Marshall

Boys 14/Under
1st – Kanoa Igarashi
2nd – Jake Marshall
3rd – John Mel
4th – Nolan Rapoza

Boys 16/Under
1st – Taylor Clark
2nd – Kanoa Igarashi
3rd – Colin Moran
4th – Pat Curren

Girls 16/Under
1st – Kulia Doherty
2nd – Meah Collins
3rd – Frankie Harrer
4th – Elenna “Lulu” Erkeneff