2014 Rip Curl GromSearch International Championships

[portfolio_slideshow size=large]All Photos: Mick Curley

2014 ain’t a bad year to be grom. You’ve got an archive of TV shows and cartoons both old and new to watch. Breakfast cereal is better than ever. You’ve probably even figured out the way around your parent’s internet porn block. And, cherry on top, you get to surf a contest at one of the best waves in the world. The 2014 Rip Curl GromSearch International Championships just went off at Lakey Peak, emphasis on went off — the waves were better than anything we’ve seen on the WCT this year. And the surfing stepped right up to parallel those world-class conditions. The best 16-and-under surfers from Hossegor to Huntington vied for the title, but there can only be one champion. Well, two — one from the boys and one from the girls. Pat Curren and Brisa Hennessy filled those roles and we won’t bore you with any more words. There are 16 amazing photos up there. Click through and wish that you were 15 again.

Boys Final:
1st Pat Curren – 19.63, 2nd Jacob Willcox – 18.63

Boys Semi Finals:
SF1. 1st Jacob Willcox – 18.50, 2nd Tim Bisso – 17.80
SF2. 1st Pat Curren – 16.00, 2nd Raju Sena– 15.87

Boys Quarter Finals:
QF1. 1st Tim Bisso (FRA) – 14.40, 2nd Gustavo Ramos (BRA) – 10.17
QF2. 1st Jacob Willcox (AUS) – 15.00, 2nd Andre Anwar (IDN) – 13.80
QF3. 1st Pat Curren (USA) – 17.27, 2ND Daniel Far (NZL) – 11.30
QF4. 1st Raju Sena (IDN) – 16.57, 2nd Jackson Giles (AUS) – 9.00

Girls Final:
1st Brisa Hennessy – 17.05, 2nd Isabella Nichols – 16.90

Girls Semi Finals:
SF1. 1st Brisa Hennessy – 19.40, 2nd Jasmine Smith – 17.50
SF2. 1st Isabella Nichols – 17.15, 2nd Hayana Iguchi – 13.05

Girls Quarter Finals:
QF1. 1st Brisa Hennessy – 16.00 (USA/HAW), 2nd Cinta Hansei (IDN) 12.50
QF2. 1st Jasmine Smith – 14.15 (NZL), 2nd Kayane Reis – 12.65 (BRA)
QF3. 1st Isabella Nichols – 18.50 (AUS), 2nd Tessa Thyssen – 15.65 (FRA)
QF4. 1st Hayana Iguchi – 12.50 (IDN), 2nd Pua Johnson 12.50 (IDN)