The Rip Curl GromSearch National Finals Are On Saturday

griffin corey wilsonAGromSearch competitor Griffin Colapinto. Photo: Corey Wilson

Mick Fanning wasn’t always a four time (said it) World Champion. Mason Ho didn’t just pop out of the womb as the most fun surfer ever. Jordy Smith wasn’t born to the WCT and Westerly Windina wasn’t born a woman. Point is, even the best (and, apparently, most transexual) surfers all start somewhere. There’s always a path of stepping stones that leads a young soul to undeniable greatness. One such stone is the Rip Curl GromSearch.

The contest, which tours the world, gathers the best surfers aged under 17 and it turns them into the heroes that David Bowie swore they’d be. The GromSearch’s USA National Final is all set for this Saturday, October 25th at the stones of Upper Trestles. We’ll be streaming the webcast on this very webplace and we humbly advise you to spectate. Because somebody’s gotta be the next Mick Fanning -- or, better yet, the first Griffin Colapinto.