2013 Rip Curl Gromsearch National Finals Preview

Every grom’s dream is to make it to the world tour. And the Rip Curl Gromsearch gives kids an immediate opportunity to do that, sort of.

After four events around the United States – in Florida, North Carolina, Hawaii and California — the Gromsearch National Championship gathers the cream of the crop at Upper Trestles on October 26th. In four different divisions, the top surfers from each regional stop will spar at trusty old Uppers. It will mean triumph for some and tribulation for others. And for two very special surfers, it will serve as the fast track to the (sort of) world tour.

The winners from the Boys 16 & Under and Girls 16 & Under divisions will earn a trip to Australia for the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach. There, under the gawking eyes of WCT competitors, the American champs will do battle with winners from all over the world. You might call it destiny. You could call it fate. Or just call it being able to link power hacks and airs together at an uncannily young age, because the title of Gromsearch World Champion will be decided at Bells.

So if you happen to find yourself near an internet on Saturday, you’ll want to surf your way to RipCurl.com/Gromsearch and watch the webcast. As of today, the forecast swears a chest high swell will greet the hopefuls. Two found groms will use those rippable walls to earn a non-stop ticket to their dream. –Brendan Buckley


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