RIP Nolan McSkimming

Last Thursday, talented 31-year-old South African surfer Nolan McSkimming died of a heart attack while surfing near Tunnels on Kauai. According to witnesses, he signaled for help from the lineup and lifeguard Jim Ingham came to his rescue. As Ingham paddled him back in, McSkimming lost consciousness. Revival attempts on the beach failed.

McSkimming, who grew up in Port Elizabeth but has lived in North County San Diego for the past few years, has become a regular fixture at spots like Ponto. McSkimming had a way of defusing a tense lineup with his genuine smile and endless stoke. According to local Blake Wood, "We need more guys like Nolan in the lineup – he was always someone who exuded that positive stoke."

McSkimming is survived by his wife, Kerryn, and his young daughter Rylee Belle.

Tributes to Nolan can be found at: