Road To Nowhere


Things We've seen in Europe so far
By Jamie Tierney

1. Dane Reynolds's two left feet at the Safari Club early Saturday morning.  It was the last night the place was open, "for eternity."  Dane was enjoying himself but don't expect to see him on "Dancing with the Stars" anytime soon.


2. Mick Fanning's ear to ear smile.  Just coming in after a surf at Capbreton, two days after his Pro France win. "Worked out pretty well for me, ay?" he said.

3. An on fire Jordy Smith dressed like James Bond, late night at the Bacqua.  No one seems to be having more fun here than the big Saffa.

4. Small cups of espresso and big plates of moules frites (mussels with French Fries). My two favorite things in France.

5. Julian Wilson's board flying through the air on the rippy little left they ran the contest at.

6. Dion Agius's sick fin throws at the same wave.


7. The beer taps at Dick's Sandbar.  A week long run of uncharacteristically tiny waves was putting us, as Dane said to a stranger, "on a road to nowhere."

8. A flat Atlantic Ocean. Completely and utterly flat on Sunday. Not even a ripple. Making it even worse, it was sunny, 80 degrees and offshore. Luckily a little swell filled in this morning.


9. Beautiful girls. Too many to count. On the beach. In the shops. Out at night. Everywhere.

Things We haven't Seen

1. La Graviere.  The famous barrels breaking right on the sand have been sorely missed this year.

2. Mundaka.  But I heard Parko say the sand is epic there.  Rumor has it that the contest ran it on today. I tried to watch it online but the webcast truck got stolen and it was a couple hours before the police found it and they brought it back.

3. Kelly Slater. He's been playing golf in the Dunhill Championships at St. Andrews Scotland. Heard he's supposed to come back tomorrow.