Roark: Artifacts of Adventure

Las Diablitas Borrachas

Roark is the rebel that lives within all of us. Rough around the edges with just enough sense to slip through the cracks unseen. From solo Mexico missions to boarding merchant marine ships in San Fran to drinking more whiskey than any human ever should. Roark lives everyday the way he desires. For Roark is more than a rebel, he is a return to adventurism.

Roark's ongoing storyline of mischief and escapade can be seen through written accounts, from his personal diary entries to people he influences along his unpaved road of a life. Each volume of his journey is depicted and further elaborated through specific artifacts: images and thoughts collected throughout Roark's meanderings. T-shirts, hats and trinkets are then shaped out of Roark's tales of travel.

And vices, Roark loves his many vices. Atop the list are Las Diablitas Borrachas: a posse of self-proclaimed banditos mysteriously lead by a sexy French-Mexican chica name Simone. The band is revealed in Volume 2 at a seedy bar named “Paris De Noche” in the bowels of Ensenada, Mexico. Las Diablitas describe their sound as Mescla, a mixture of music from all over the world. Bits of French, Spanish, Flamenco and musica punk rock.
The Roarkian tribesman felt that Las Diablitas Borrachas needed to be heard. So they pressed a limited quantity of 7" vinyl's that can be tracked down at select Roark retailers or can be easily downloaded at:

Whatever it is, it’s raw and hard to understand if you don’t speak Espanol. Just the way Roark likes it. Las Diablitas have since disappeared back across the boarder, so download the tracks and spread it like the plague. You can thank Roark later.