Round 2 Heats Up

It was barrelin' out there! For reals!

By Travis Ferre
Photos by Jimmicane

"13th Beach, eh?" Mick Fanning asked, as he walked up the stairs this morning amid Rip Curl's mobile site build-up. Joel Parkinson was running down and they said hello, then shrugged their shoulders, probably glad they'd both won their Round 1 heats. Mick zoomed off in his red Holden, leaving us behind, staring at a small south swell — textured, low tide mess. Think 9th Street in Huntington Beach with south wind in the middle of spring — or anywhere waves sputter softly to shore tattered by breeze and weaker than my AT&T signal. But the call was made: Let's run a round! All of Round 2, in fact. The first heat of the day was Bede Durbidge and Stuart Kennedy. Bede did two air reverses. Ok, I thought, I can see this going in the right direction.

That's when things got weird. Damien and CJ Hobgood both lost to Brazilian darkhorses. And it was well deserved. Gabriel Medina showcased a plethora of airs so rock-solid they looked like they were manufactured in a Chinese factory. Then Damien went down to an ultra passionate Neco Padaratz. So passionate.

Gabriel Mendina is good but has been overhyped. He seems to have two moves. A frontside reverse and a backside reverse.Gabriel Medina is amazing but has been heavily hyped. He seems to have two moves: a frontside reverse and a backside reverse.

A Mexican with a mustache and a nasty backside hack.An American with a mustache and a nasty backside hack.

The scariest moment of the day came when Dane Reynolds paddled out against Blake Thornton. The two met at Snapper last month and Dane made it hard to even notice Blake. Today would be different. The waves were erratic and strange. Dane was feeling casual. For 20 minutes of the heat, he didn't have a score. By the end Dane needed a 2.2 and time was getting ridiculously low. I was standing next to Kekoa Bacalso and Dusty Payne. We all looked at each other, concerned. Kekoa was laughing. This was gnarly. "I can't believe this is happening," Dusty said. We all held hands (practically). With 20 seconds to go, Dane paddled into the worst wave of the day. He did one pump and, needing a 2.2, he did a much-too-massive layback gouge. He pulled it…barely.

Only Dane could walk a boardwalk like that.Dane plays for keeps.

" I cannot believe he went that big," said Matt Wilkinson. " I would have been tapping it." In the end, Dane made it and our hearts settled down for the rest of the day. At least until Matt Wilkinson kick-started us with a massive blow-tail, grab-rail reverse. And then again when Brett Simpson did a one-maneuver alley-oop that pushed him passed the ultra-loveable Kekoa Bacalso. Brett Simpson proved today that he's very much gnarlier than people think. He comes up against Adriano in the first heat of the next round.

Wilko and his chick who should be featured in our Whipped column soon. We hope.Wilko and his chick, who should be featured in our Whipped column soon. We hope.

Brett Simpson pulled the move of the contest. You can view it on Surfline I'm sure.Brett Simpson pulled the move of the contest. That H is for Huntington.

Kekoa fakes like he's gonna throw his board down and get fined.Kekoa fakes like he’s gonna throw his board down and get fined.

Later in the day, the waves started to get rather good. Jay "Bottle" Thompson deserves a two-gun salute. He surfed two of the best heats he's ever contested and still came out with a 33rd. He's bound to blow up, but found bad luck in Bells, despite some of the most groundbreaking surfing he's ever showcased.

Then there's the sad tale of Adam Melling who, only needing a small score, stroked into a right-hand nugget and executed two perfect turns and one of the biggest air reverse full-rotators. He was two seconds too late. Round 3 starts now.

Super floater, ala Jordy Smith.Super floater, a la Jordy Smith.

Owen vs. Dunn happened. Owen won. Surprise! Surprise!Owen vs. Dunn happened. Owen won. Surprise!