Arms in the air, fists thrusting and flashing her signature smile, Sofia Mulanovich (PER) claimed the Roxy Jam UK title, her third win on this year's ASP World Championship Tour, in Perranporth, Cornwall today.

Mulanovich defeated close friend Chelsea Georgeson (AUS) 13.65 to 10.15 in the final held in three foot (1m) waves this afternoon.

"I'm really, really, really thrilled – so excited about everything that has happened here," Mulanovich said. "Chelsea pushed me through the whole event. She's a great surfer and it was a pretty tough final – I just got the waves. If Chels would have got them she probably would have nailed me."

Having won two previous events on the 2005 WCT this year – the SPC Pro in Bells Beach and the Roxy Pro in Fiji – Mulanovich's victory at the Roxy Jam UK presented by Samsung extends her ratings lead substantially. She's now matched the three event wins that earned her a world title last year, and is well and truly on the road to repeating that feat, but there are nine events on this year's tour, two more than last year.

"I'm pretty confident, I've actually been pretty confident since Bells. I think when you have your first win it kind of sets the pace for the year and I'm just stoked I won here," Mulanovich said.

"My biggest threat is Chelsea. Even last year, when Rochelle was second, I still thought, 'Chels is so good, she could've got me'. I know it's going to be a good battle this year – I would never assume it's over now, she's fired up and she wants to get me back."

Conditions during the Roxy Jam final found an encroaching tide fattening the waves and flustering the girls at the beginning of the 35-minute heat. It wasn't until 23-minutes into the heat, when Mulanovich sped down the open face of a wave throwing buckets of spray and performing a critical backhand re-entry, that a score in the 'excellent' range was rewarded. Georgeson never regained the lead.

"It would have been cool to get some higher scores and get a bit better waves, but that's not what happened out there today," Georgeson said. "It's always more fun when you come up against your friend. You always want to beat them, it's so nerve racking but at the same time exciting. It was a good final." Georgeson's runner-up finish keeps her in contention for the 2005 title crown, and she maintains her second place spot on the ASP world rankings. Layne Beachley, who lost to Georgeson in the semis, sits in third.

"Sof is in first and I'm in second, I think she's like {{{900}}} points ahead of me, but I'm still within reach. We've both had some really good results this year, she's had three wins, and I've only had one," Georgeson said.

"It would have been good to come up and become even with her but it's not the case and we still have quite a few events left which is good for me. I'm hoping that maybe I'll be able to win the next two in a row, but it's a big call."

Rookie Rebecca Woods (AUS) also made the semifinals of the Roxy Jam today. Woods, who surfed excellently throughout the event, was unable to answer Mulanovich's charge but is gaining valuable experience having made the semifinals of the last two events.

"I just wanted to get out of the third round so I'm happy, but at the same time I'd love to make a final. It keeps me hungry. But well done to Sof, she's killing it," Woods said.

Woods and Beachley took home US$4,250 for their third place finishes and Georgeson grabbed US$6,000. Mulanovich will add another US$10,000 cardboard check to her collection for her efforts.

Evian also doled out several thousand dollars today. The Evian Longboard Expression Session was surfed just prior to the main event semifinals with top honors and US$1,500 going to Roxy rider Kassia Meador. The Evian Shortboard Expression Session took to the water between the semifinal and final and found Woods winning another US$2,500.

1 – Sofia Mulanovich, 6716 points
2 – Chelsea Georgeson 5300 points
3 – Layne Beachley 4736 points
4 – Megan Abubo 4204 points
5 – Melanie Redmann-Carr 3696 points

(1st =1200 ratings points and US$10,000, 2nd receives 920 ratings points and US$6,000)

Sofia Mulanovich def. Chelsea Georgeson

(1st advances to FINAL, 2nd finishes equal 3rd and receives US$4,250)

SEMI #1 – Sofia Mulanovich def. Rebecca Woods
SEMI #2 – Chelsea Georgeson def. Layne Beachley