Save Trestles Update: A Call To Action For The Surf Community

A 241 Toll Road / Save Trestles Update from the Surfrider Foundation

Thanks to Janine Robinson, Carrie Strombotne and Brittany McKee for most of this info.

1. The local PBS station, KCET (channel 6 on Cox Cable), will broadcast a show on its news feature program Life & Times Tuesday (tonight) at 6:30 p.m. about San Onofre State Park and the proposed toll road, called “Taking a Toll on a State Park?”

2. Mark Rauscher of Surfrider’s National office was interviewed yMonday January 23rd for an upcoming radio show on the toll road issue. Surfrider will keep you updated as to when that program is scheduled.

3. As you know, the day after Laguna Beach voted unaninmously to oppose a toll road through San Onofre State Park, the city of Aliso Viejo followed suit. Then on January 19th, Orange County’s toll road builders – Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) – were expected to vote on the proposed extension of the Foothill-South Toll Road that threatens San Onofre State Beach.

However, at the 11th hour, the TCA received a letter from the Schwarzenegger administration, signed by Resources Secretary Mike Chrisman and Business, Housing, and Transportation Secretary Sunne Wright McPeak requesting a 30-day delay on the vote, calling the issue “extremely complex,” and requesting more time to {{{review}}} comments and concerns raised by state departments and stakeholders, including Surfrider. TCA Board members reluctantly agreed to the extension and the vote is now expected to take place on February 23rd at the TCA headquarters in Irvine.

We are pleased that Governor Schwarzenegger’s administration is looking into this issue and will be considering the interests of ALL Californians who will be affected if the single-purpose toll road agency is permitted to ruin California’s 5th most popular state park, including the world- famous surf at Trestles. This proposal is not just bad for San Onofre, but would set a dangerous precedent for all state parks throughout California that face continued development pressures.

As you can imagine, the coming month is critical to the future of San Onofre State Park. If you can, please write letters to our governor, and the two cabinet members who are getting involved on his behalf, ASAP. Letters DO make a difference. Also, letters to local newspapers are key as well. Addresses are below.


Please write, call or email Governor Schwarzenegger and Secretaries Mike Chrisman and Sunne Wright McPeak. Thank them for considering the interests of all Californians and encourage them to promote transportation solutions that do not harm our protected parks. The TCA is a single-purpose agency not interested in exploring other alternatives, but our state leaders are capable of implementing win-win solutions that improve our transportation needs and protect our communities and valuable state parks.

The Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger
Governor of California
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Or to send an email, go to

The Honorable Mike Chrisman
Secretary for Resources
1416 9th Street, Suite 1311
Sacramento, CA 95814

The Honorable Sunne Wright McPeak
Secretary for Business, Housing, and Transportation
980 9th Street, Suite 2450
Sacramento, CA 95814


Below are links (you may need to cut and paste) to articles that ranregarding last week’s toll road decision. This is an especiallyimportant time to write a letter to the editor. As the governor’s staff spendsthe next 30 days reviewing the issue, they will be monitoring the papers tosee what the public thinks about the delay. Please be sure to thankthe Administration for taking the time to consider the importance of stateparks to ALL Californians and express your support for transportationsolutions that don’t involve sacrificing our communities and stateparks.

Governor Asks Transit Board to Hold Off on Onofre Toll Road
OC Tollway Agency Delays Foothill Decision
LA Times
Write to the Times:, fax to 213-237-7679
View article here

Agency Delays Choice of Path for 241
Orange County Register
Write to the Register: fax to 714-796-3657
View article here

Agency Agrees to Delay Toll Road Vote
San Diego Union Tribune
Write to the Union Tribune:, fax to 619-260-5081
View article here

Toll Road Vote Delayed at 11th Hour
North County Times
Write to the NC Times:, fax to {{{760}}}-745-3769
View article here

Sending Letters to the Editor is a great way to keep editors aware thatmany readers are concerned about the Foothill-South Toll Road, and itmeans they’re more likely to publish stories on the topic. Publishedletters keep decision-makers aware of citizen concerns and helps toshape their opinions on the issue.

LA Times:, fax to 213-237-7679

Orange County Register: fax to 714-796-3657

North County Times:, fax to 760-745-3769

San Diego Union Tribune:, fax to 619-260-5081

OC Weekly:, fax to 714-708-8410

Laguna Beach Independent:, fax to 949-715-1817

Laguna Beach Coastline News:

Laguna News-Post: or

San Clemente Sun Post:, fax to 949-492-0401 Be sure to include your name, home address and daytime phone for verification. 150 words or less is best.